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Teaching Minister Varsakara the "Seven Principles of Prosperity for a Country"

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When once the Buddha was dwelling in Rajagaha, on the hill called 'Vultures Peak', Ajatasattu, the king of Magadha, desirous of attacking the Vajjians, sent his chief minister, Vassakara, to visit the Buddha and tell him that he (the king) was going to attack the Vajjians. Vassakara thereupon went to the Buddha and exchanged greetings and delivered the message just as the king had commanded him. Ananda was standing behind the Buddha and fanning him. When Vassakara was explaining the king's message, the Buddha in the course of the conversation, inquired of Ananda whether the Vajjians were living up to the Seven Conditions of Welfare (Satta aparihaniya dhamma). Ananda answered in the affirmative. They were : 
1. They hold full and frequent public assemblies. 
2. They meet together in concord, rise in concord and carry out their undertakings in concord. 
3. They enact nothing not already established, abrogate nothing that has already been enacted, and act in accordance with the ancient institutions of the Vajjians as established in former days. 
4. They honour, revere and support the Vajjian elders and hold it a point of duty to listen to their words. 
5. They do not take away by force or abduct women or girls belonging to their clan and detain them. 
6. They honour, esteem, revere and support the Vajjian shrines whether in town or country, and do not allow them to fall into disuse. 
7. They fully provide rightful protection, defence and support for the arahants among them, so that arahants from far away may enter the realm and therein live in peace.