FGS Buddha Memorial Center

Notes for Visitors

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General Terms

  1. Wheelchairs and strollers are available for rent at the reception counters of the Front and the Main Halls.
  2. Smoking, alcohol, non-vegetarian foods, or betel nuts are not allowed.
  3. Pets, bikes, dangerous objects, skateboards, roller skates,children tricycles, and billboard leaflets are not allowed in the area.
  4. Please do not enter with improper attire or slippers.
  5. Please refrain from yelling, running, and littering.
  6. No paragliders, tele-controlled airplanes, kites or other flying objects are allowed.
  7. Unless with prior permission, photography and video recordings for commercial purposes are prohibited.

Visiting the Main Hall

  1. For safety reasons please refrain from touching the glass,climbing the railings, and mounting the exhibits.
  2. Please do not damage or take away any exhibits.
  3. Please turn off the camera flash lights when taking pictures. Video recording is strictly prohibited.