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● What is this field trip about?

In order to nurture the artistic talents of children and young adults, the Buddha Museum International Affairs Team has designed educational field trips that integrate Buddhist art, architecture, and culture. All schools are welcome to apply!

● What will I learn through the field trips?

Through a series of well-arranged contents such as technological interaction, art exhibitions, reliefs and murals, and tea meditation, participants will have a better understanding of Chinese Buddhist culture through the museum, allow for self-improvement through interactive activities, and nurture concentration through art viewing.

● What kind of languge will be conducted?

Field trips will be conducted entirely in English and tailor-made to suit different educational levels.
Ages: From Kindergarten to High School

● Still confused? Just watch the videos!

For Kids For Youth

● Before you register, please...

  1. Applicable time for field trips: 9 am ~ 5 pm (In order to provide multicultural functions for students, please register at least 1.5 hr tour and please register at least 7 days prior to the tour.)
  2. The students will be divided into different groups based on grade.
  3. Lunch is applicable. Please do not waste any food and help recycle.
  4. Teaching route will be adjusted by tour guides.
  5. The Buddha Museum provides vegetarian food. Non-vegetarian foods are not allowed.
  6. Please respect multicultural and do not damage or take away any exhibits.
  7. Please refrain from yelling, running, and littering.
  8. Please follow the instruction and order of tour guides and teachers. If there is dangerous situation, please call ext 4114~4117
  9. The Buddha Museum will offer feedback forms to all students. Please encourage students to share feedbacks through writing or hand-drawing, and return to the reception desk on the end of the day or send back through mail. No. 1, Tongling Rd, Dashu, Kaohsiung 840, Taiwan
  10. All the feedback forms submitted belong to the Buddha Museum. The Buddha Museum is privileged to use, share or transfer all materials.

● What are you waiting for?

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● Still have questions? Just contact us for further information!

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum International Affairs Team
Telephone: +886-7-656-3033 ext.4137

● Where will we go?

1.5 hr

Northen and Southen Walkway → Life Protection Murals → Animal Zone → Children’s Gallery → 4D Theater → Grand Photo Terrace

2.5 hr

Life Protection Murals → Children’s Gallery → 4D Theater → Museum of Buddhist Festivals → Chan Art and Stories

3 hr

Life Protection Murals → Children’s Gallery → 4D Theater → Museum of Buddhist Festivals / Museum of Buddhist Underground Palaces → Are Viewing at the Art Galleries → Chan Art and Stories → Lunch Time → Calligraphy → Outdoor Painting